Breaking into #Vanlife

Thanksgiving came and went and we worked off all the turkey and mashed potatoes by skiing and climbing while on our first van trip! Oh did I forget to mention that we have a van? Yea my bad, things have been a little busy around here lately. We picked up our 1990 Ford E350 Extended Wagon, in August and it sat around for a while because we were just too damn busy to spend time converting it. 

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Except for the interior paneling, she came fully gutted which saved loads of time when it came to planning the conversion.

After a little bit of smooth talking I finally convinced Brad that we should take it to someone to do the basics for us because let's be honest, we're really busy and if we converted it ourselves it wouldn't be done until sometime late next year. After some research on van builders in the Portland area we finally stumbled upon Overland Van Project and happily sealed the deal with owner Dustin. 

Dustin and his team did all the big stuff for us and saved us a ton of time. He took care of the following:

  • Fantastic Fan
  • Insulation: Reflectix & fiberglass throughout
  • Electrical: Install of 1x 75ah battery, fuse panel, inverter, & an isolator switch/charger
  • Paneling: Blue stained pine on walls and ceiling, & vinyl flooring
  • Casework: bed platform with hinge for under the bed storage
Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 1.08.56 PM.png

lower bed platform so that Brad can sit up without hitting his head on the ceiling 

van door.jpeg

Dustin did a killer job on the interior and once he finished the big stuff we were able to move onto some small projects. We decided to panel one of the side doors for space to hang jackets and for more insulation. We made curtains for all the doors which turned out to be a real pain in the ass because each curtain had to be custom made for every different sized window. We also built a long shelf above one side of the bed and hung some twinkle lights

There's still more that we would like to do, such as building a counter space with a small sink and replacing the carpet floor in the drivers area with vinyl. It will all get done eventually but for now she's road trip ready. 

It's funny how having a warm place to spend the night in can change your whole weekend game plan. It's pretty awesome that after a full day of skiing we don't have to drive the 1.5 hrs back home and instead we can just cozy up in the parking lot for the night and then start all over again the next day. 

We're both super stoked to see this dream come to life and couldn't be happier with the work that Overland Van Project did. We've decided to name the old gal Delilah and I have a feeling there will many adventures on the open road with our little fam in our big green van.  


This post was sponsored by Overland Van Project 

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