Take a Snow Day!

Sticking your tongue out and catching snowflakes, building snowman, making snow angels, these are the things that I remember most about snow days as a kid. As an adult it's all about heading to the mountain and getting in as many turns as possible!

Last Friday I was invited to take a Snow Day with Pyramid Brewing at Stevens Pass. Brad and I drove up in the van early Friday morning but almost not early enough; everyone was headed to the mountain that day to get some pow turns. We eventually landed a parking spot and beat the crowds by taking the Double Diamond lift to Mill Valley on the backside of the mountain.  

It was a typical day in the pacific northwest with the weather giving us a mix of rain and snow throughout the whole day. Three years of living in the PNW and I still haven't quite adjusted to the wet conditions. Heavy snow had us working hard and we quickly built up a thirst for a cold beer. After four or five laps on the backside we headed to the van for lunch with the pups and a couple brewskis. 


Our afternoon was spent on the front side of the mountain, taking laps on the Hogsback and Skyline Express lifts. The rain picked up on the lower mountain in the afternoon so we headed higher, taking the 7th Heaven lift to just below the top of Cowboy Mountain. Up top we were greeted with dumping snow. We did a couple laps on the Bobby Chute and lucked out finding some untouched powder. Realizing that the resort was open for night skiing until 10pm, we headed in for a break at The Foggy Goggle lounge for some hot chocolate and live music. 

After a quick warm up we headed back out for a few more laps in the dark. The crowds were gone and and big flakes were falling from the sky. My legs were spent and I was looking forward to heading back to the van for some doggies kisses and après-ski. It was an epic day and Pyramid Brewing was the perfect beer to take along. From the full-bodied dark malt of the seasonal Snow Cap to the unfiltered and refreshing Hefeweizen, Pyramid Brewing is a must bring for any outdoor adventure - especially a snow day! 

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This post was sponsored by Pyramid Brewing. 

Ali Levskiing, washington