Your Job Title Does Not Define You

I've never worked in a cubicle space and I don't ever plan to. I aways thought that by this time in my life I would have a great career and be really happy with it. But I don't and most of the time I'm ok with that.

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Ali Lev
Revisiting an Old Hobby

Last year I wrote a post about pressure within my community; specifically pressure to be a backcountry skier. After months of back and forth and being incredibly indecisive, Brad and I took the plunge and purchased an alpine touring setup.

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Ali Levskiing, gear review
Turning Pressure into Personal Growth

The world is a busy a place and sometimes it's really easy to get caught up in your own drama. I've been doing this a lot since moving to Portland. A couple months after we moved to Portland I was complaining to a friend about how hard it was adjusting and she said "this is the most exciting time in your life, you can reinvent yourself however you want and become an entirely new person."

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