Alexandra Lev

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Hi there! Enough formalities, Ali or Alex is fine. 

I'm a Salt Lake City native that is currently based in the PNW where I write, snap photos, and plan big adventures. I’m an only child that was raised by two very adventurous and outdoorsy parents. As a kid my summers were spent living in a three room cabin with no running water at the foot of the Grand Tetons, where my dad worked as a mountain guide. 

The great outdoors, learning about new cultures, good conversation with a glass of wine, sunshine, and a delicious snack board make me happy. I am a people person and consider myself a creative at heart. I enjoy telling compelling stories from many different angles that highlight particular parts of the human story. Connecting people to the outdoors is one of my greatest passions and I love speaking about the benefits nature can have on our mental health. I believe that when share our vulnerable side we can lead ourselves through challenges in life and connect with our communities in a deeper way.

As an only child I thrive most in an environment where I can network and help women feel empowered through outdoor activities. I have lead a diverse group of women on a life-changing 12 day trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and for the past four years I’ve been planning and leading outdoor events for women in the Pacific Northwest. In my free time I dabble in a little bit of everything from skiing to climbing to backpacking. Most of my outings take me deep into the wilderness with my two Siberian Huskies or across the globe, exploring other countries with my husband. 

Why Luckyalexandra?

"Luck" is defined as the things that happen to a person because of chance or the accidental way things happen without being planned. From some serious injuries to the ups and downs of life, I consider myself a pretty lucky person to be able to explore the world as much as I do. 


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